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These stories are in fact heartbreaking. In regards to your story about Brian Tate, there are some important facts that are being left out. Court documents and interviews show the prisoner “Tate” spoke about killing the deceased for weeks before carrying out a vicious and premeditated act of murder. Tate hid out in a rival suitors yard, laid in wait, then beat the defenseless young man with brass knuckles and stabbed him over twenty times. He then had the presence of mind to hide the body under a pile of leaves and then go home to sleep. This was not a fight, it was an ambush plain and simple. Tate told friends before the murder that he’d been sharpening his knife “all week long”. In my humble opinion, Tate hasn’t had enough time to think about the repercussions of his actions and doing things to better his own life doesn’t make him a good person. In my mind, he’s still the same narcissistic sociopath that cut down a young man in his prime in an act of malice and cowardice. People like that don’t deserve to sit down with the rest of us.