Youth Program

Week One:
Everyone attends this meeting together. Caregivers and youths.

Material needed.  Hand outs.

Counselors: folders, writing pads, pen & pencils.

Caregivers & Youths: Contracts, consent forms, pre test forms, etc.

The Aim is to provide the individuals with good information so that they will be able to make good decisions.
The goal is to educate the youth, and teach them self respect, self awareness, and self identify.
The objective is to habilitate the youth so that they will be qualified to meet whatever demands society requires to become successful.

Week Two:
Material needed.

Charts and, or black board, to write on.
The demonstration is to explain how knowledge, understanding, application, and wisdom are connected.

Week Three:
This meeting is basically the taking of notes by the counselors, and open dialogue between the youth themselves, with the counselors making sure that the youths are fully participating in the program.

Week Four:
Youths hand outs;
Spiral note books, pens and, or pencils, if possible a folder to keep their assigned material in.

Material to read, from selected books.
The youth will be given the assignment of establishing goals: They will be asked to establish immediate goals, short term goals, and long term goals.

Week Five:
Counselor hand outs;

Charts and, or black boards.

They will out line how to achieve objectives. i.e., what does the individual want to do? Can he/or she get paid a living wage for doing it? Are they skilled enough to make a living doing it? If they need training, what steps are they going to take to get it? And, is it realistic?

Week Six:
Guest Speakers: Successful business person, and some one who develops business plans. (If no guest speakers are available, show Will Smith’s documentary?)

Weeks Seven:
Hand outs:
Counselor hand outs:
Questions to ask:
Have they established their goals and objective?
What steps are they taking to achieve them?
Have they thought them through?

(Relate back to week five. i.e., how to develop objectives.

Week Eight:
Go over first eight weeks, and explain how the last four week will be conducted.
Filed trip, if possible. (B.C.D. C, or Detention Center.)

Week Nine:
Caregivers and youths are meeting together for the first time in open discussion.
This is the first stage of establishing family re-socialization. Open dialogue.

Week Ten:
This meeting should confirm the realistic and obtainable goals of the youths, and the caregivers acceptance and commitment of supporting it. It should also cover what is traditionally considered the deal family, i.e., Bill Crosby and the Huxstables, as opposed to the Everyone Hates Chris. Non-traditional families should also be discussed; single family, both female and male. Foster parents, etc.

Week Eleven:
This week should confirm the youth’s commitment of achieving their objectives. It should also confirm the caregiver’s commitment of supporting the youth’s efforts.

Week Twelve:
Consolidating the process by bringing it all together. The Director and Counselors should have enough information to put each youth with the required agencies necessary to achieve his/her goals and objectives.

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Youth Program
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