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Mandela Conquers the Cut: Essays from Prison

Walter Mandela Lomax served 39 years in the now-closed, violent Maryland State Penitentiary (nicknamed The Cut) for a crime he did not commit. Lomax wrote extensively poetry, fiction, essays and eventually became the editor of the prisons monthly magazine, The Conqueror. Collecting several of Lomax's essays from his seven-year editorship Monster in the Maryland State Penitentiary, his earliest (1972) extant work, a number of short essays from 2004/05 and other later reflections on his experiences following his release in 2006. The pieces show a thoughtful seriousness for his and others who find themselves members of these communities, situation and predicaments. or Barnes & Noble

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A circle enclosing a square, the mandala is the Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe, and represents a mirror of natural cycles.